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How it all started

Covid-KID started just after the recent announcement by the President informing South Africans that the country would move to level 4 of the national lockdown.

As a mother of a 3 year old, I took advantage of this opportunity and on the first day went for a walk around the neighborhood to find my sanity. But my heart broke when my little boy cried to join me on the next day, as his frustrations has reached it's peak.

I decided to make a plan as he cant breath when wearing a mask but I couldn't take the chance of letting him out without protecting him. I sourced an adult face shield cut it up attached it to one of his baseball caps and it worked. He loved it, it covered his whole face and he could breath!

The next week day I started sharing it on facebook and the public interest was overwhelming, I guess a lot of parents where in the same boat as I was. The following week I started doing research on material and goods that i would need to make these caps and bucket hats. I found all the material and the proper P/VET plastic needed. We started making caps, only to realise that we could not meet the demand. I then started looking for people who had the skill to assist and who like so many others in South Africa were financially suffering during lockdown.

With the assistance from friends and family I soon had a dedicated team working on the Covid-KID brand. We are learning as we go and our products gets better by the day. Our range has expanded and we will soon be launching more exciting local products all in an effort to keep our children safe while still allowing them to be kids. We hope that you enjoy our products and that your kids will love it as much as ours.

Stay safe everyone.

Cezanne and the Covid-KID team

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